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07:03 AM CDT on Monday, April 28, 2008

By Kevin Reece / 11 News

BAYTOWN, Texas — Lisa Fojt and her aunt, Kathy Boyd, say they saw more than the bright refinery lights of Baytown when they crossed the Fred Hartman Bridge Saturday night.

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08:44 AM CDT on Wednesday, April 23, 2008


An area man who does not wish to be identified claims that he was behind the mysterious phenomenon.

He told KTVK-TV that after the sun went down Monday night, he tied road flares to four large helium-filled balloons using fishing line. Then he released the balloons one-by-one, at one-minute intervals.

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The Business Journal of Phoenix - by Mike Sunnucks

The U.S. military said Tuesday it was not sure of the cause of the mysterious lights spotted over Phoenix earlier this week.

The lights were seen Monday night in the sky in north Phoenix. Some, including state government officials, hypothesized that the lights might have been flares from military planes.

But the North American Aerospace Defense Command sent information to government and airport officials Monday, saying it was not aware of any military cause of the lights. NORAD is joint defense effort between the U.S. and Canada.

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We first saw it in a neighborhood off of Lingleville Road in Stephenville. We stopped to video tape the object in the sky. We drove up US-377 toward Wheatland to try to keep up with it. We saw it briefly over the Cresson and then lost it.

It went in an eastern direction. We got on FM-1187, and then saw the object again south of FM-1187. We ended up in Burleson, off of a side stree called Eden. The Eden street sign can be clearly read in the video.

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